Blog Toronto Through The Eyes Of A Real Estate InvestorToronto Real As An Investor2019-01-22T18:03:00Z8f99b618-900f-451e-ae25-af4a34a11aee CONDO DEVELOPMENTS THAT WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF TORONTO: YSL ResidencesYSL Condominiums2018-10-29T15:38:00Z81bbf51f-ea9a-46e4-8f22-726bb6b77f7c To Get Buyers To Fall In Love With Your Home This AutumnFall Carries More Gold In It's Pocket Than Any Other Season!2018-09-24T14:15:00Z70ee245d-a61b-48fb-b42f-46e0ddb507f8 Hill Real Estate Inc. Announces Two New Offices in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage, Press Release: For Immediate Release 2018-08-22T16:02:00Z2dd954e9-ece3-4a13-b7da-d290f5c6d358 Most Common Problems a Building Inspector Looks for When Assessing A PropertyMake sure to get this done!2018-08-22T15:40:00Zd933040d-5b36-4771-86a1-0f0aee24add5 To Get Your Home Ready For A Summer Open HouseSummer Open House Prep2018-06-24T21:10:00Z50158a9e-273e-4a86-b9e8-ec17b955fd90 Five Star Living in the Six:Featured Listing2018-06-06T17:24:00Z3b492a53-ed8e-44db-99fc-38fe4f7fc91a Snapshot of Ontario's New Standard Lease FormOntario's New Standard Lease Form2018-04-04T19:04:00Za9e1e729-37f4-4c94-8a2b-aa148de834f5 Past The Pretty!What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Condo In Toronto.2018-03-22T16:40:00Z1fb7d976-c927-41bd-9511-b4fb52e8c8d1 To Get Landlords To Notice You & Score Your Dream Apartment In TorontoAccording to our Forest Hill Yorkville realtors, renting an apartment, home or luxury condominium in Toronto is so fiercely competitive that perspective tenants must now aggressively and proactively market themselves to landlords. 2018-02-27T20:16:00Zbfb1760a-e8e3-4482-bd41-090b75ddd5b6 AnnouncementForest Hill Real Estate Inc. is tremendously proud to announce the opening of several new offices around the GTA!2018-02-08T12:20:00Zbc7c9c92-faee-4b92-acac-37cb81971443 and Forest Hill Invites You...Scotiabank and Forest Hill Invites You to an Information Session on How to Understand and Interpret Credit Reports.2017-11-02T12:35:00Zb0b85992-bf16-4d13-86fe-f747956b7bdd and Forest Hill Invites You....Exclusive Presentation of the OUTSTANDING Development...2017-10-31T12:20:00Z35528e00-3e7e-4087-905f-4f53024c139f Residential AnnouncementForest Hill Real Estate is proud to announce it is forging another strategic alliance, this time with...2017-10-11T12:45:00Z626c0574-cf86-4f47-a291-d8034ca86bde ConferenceForest Hill Real Estate, Yorkville branch sales representative Jennifer Chan had the opportunity to represent the Forest Hill Brokerage at the LandPRO Conference, March 7, 2017 at the Paramount Conference Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario, just north of Toronto. 2017-03-21T18:31:00Z49b390ce-f9ae-42d3-a195-f5023b5e80d7“The Champions” Forest Hill Real Estate is proud to sponsor the fourth “Champions” Under 10 Tournament at the Aviva Centre in Toronto, February 17 – 20, 2017. 2017-02-13T21:16:00Z2da77111-4dfe-420b-8525-822267b0e914 TURNBERRY OCEAN CLUB!PRESENTING TURNBERRY OCEAN CLUB!2016-12-12T20:40:00Z3f6871c7-f25b-4801-a2e6-dc2baecdc701 Mukoka Shiny SheetWhether you live, cottage or are just visiting; whether you are buying or selling, we are here for you; Proud and excited to share what is happening in our stunning District of Muskoka!2016-11-01T15:24:00Zd75327ff-343f-4ad4-8674-0fa3353e318d Staging: Why bare isn’t always betterIf you want to get top dollar for your home, everything must appear photo ready, like a featured home in a magazine. 2016-10-18T19:23:00Z1f01d31e-afd3-40ca-aa8c-0bff216ecb5a TownhouseSurrounded by some of the world’s finest intellectual minds at U of T, and Toronto’s most fashionable shopping, dining and cultural venues, The Urban Townhome Collection at U Condominiums offers sophisticated living with stunning kitchens, luxurious ensuites, magnificent personal spaces including rooftop terraces, private elevator, and a dedicated two car underground garage. Maintenance Fees: Approx. $900/month per townhouse, and vary based on the individual unit. Includes water, building insurance, snow removal, landscaping, security, common element expenses, and maintenance for two parking spaces. Hydro and gas metered separately. Deposit: 15% of Purchase Price $20,000 upon signing. Balance to 5% of Purchase Price in 90 days 2.5% of the Purchase Price in 120 days 2.5% of Purchase Price in 180 days. 5% of Purchase Price on Occupancy. Contact Mary-Jane Schneeberger, Sales Representative, at 416 975 5588 or for more information! 2016-09-29T20:16:00Zcb3a41fe-959b-4587-b49e-e9676e688376 3rd Anniversary!Can’t believe it has been three years since we opened the Forest Hill Real Estate office in Thornhill Woods. Congrats to Steve Switzer, Michael Switzer and Lahav Reznik!2016-09-26T23:09:00Z385b7994-31b6-4385-aed3-7b49e75aaaec Robin MetzForest Hill Real Estate is pleased to announce the newest addition to our management team, Robin Metz, as General Manager of our 1440 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Signature Branch. Robin brings with her 25+ years of experience in growing teams, with a strong background in Real Estate, Real Estate Board & MLS Systems, Recruiting, Legal, Human Resources and Business Management.2016-09-07T18:17:00Z0a37b552-a592-4cf0-8064-23ef2415ab8d Shiny Sheet Third Edition Forest Hill Founder, Ronni Fingold, is thrilled to present the latest edition of the Muskoka Shiny Sheet. Don’t forget to pick up your copy from head office on Spadina!2016-09-07T17:57:00Z9dc59bda-fca6-4ba7-bca3-8be1cf34ce65 Shiny Sheet - August 2016Check out our most recent edition of The Muskoka Shiny Sheet!2016-08-11T13:40:00Z233895d3-64bd-4353-b356-2c7e8c314ada do I secure a mortgage as a self-employed buyer?How do I secure a mortgage as a self-employed buyer?2016-07-29T13:33:00Z7c805648-2a1b-4c6d-bcdf-3ed6ae1bce72 estate commissions: What does it cost and who really pays?The real estate industry operates on being paid only upon a successful result. This means that if your property does not sell or close, you do not pay.2016-07-13T13:36:00Za3ff7d8c-2966-4b97-b3bb-896fafae68ad your home: what to expect and how to prepareYou’ve listed your home for sale at what you hope is the right price. Now, the fun and activity really begins: the beeline of showings and inspections on your property.2016-07-13T13:35:00Zf6ca762e-25a6-4185-ad73-d913e04181ee most important things to consider when choosing a real estate agentOne way or another, we all seek the comfort of our own habits – where we get fuel for our car, where we buy our groceries and even where we get our hair cut. Habits are great; they do not require us to analyze or think about the impact of these decisions. We know what we’re getting into.2016-07-13T13:18:00Zee408640-e7f9-4266-8c16-42c49372192a Muskoka Shiny SheetForest Hill is proud to present our amazing Founder’s newest venture, The Muskoka Shiny Sheet, where your Muskoka adventure begins!2016-07-13T13:08:00Z26d2de53-f01e-4bbc-afe4-9889d93700ef first, then sell? Or vice versa?You are now in the grips of looking for a new home for any number of reasons. You have been transferred, you are expecting your first child or you are blending new families together.2016-07-11T13:34:00Z922d246c-bf96-4e6a-be34-8c70106d483f condos: Should you use a realtor?The answer for this is a definite YES. Toronto realtor Matt Smith, who specializes in helping buyers navigate through the complicated process of buying new condos, has shared with me the many pitfalls and disadvantages of buyers going it alone when dealing with the builders’ sales staff. 2016-07-04T13:37:00Zd53c8879-0033-4009-bb38-adf67ddf1c0d you need a home inspection when you buy a condo?We all think buying a condominium will make our lives a lot easier and more convenient, right? No driveways to shovel; no leaking roofs; no broken furnaces or HVAC’s in the summer heat. But believe me, things go wrong with condos, too, which is why I have advised on countless occasions that condo buyers get what potential home owners almost always get: a professional inspector.2016-06-01T13:32:00Z9a800bbe-ecbd-4770-895f-916d0a6f4d8c Interview with Catherine Himelfarb BordenCatherine Himelfarb Borden of Forest Hill Real Estate talks about the growth in foreign investor interest that her family-owned firm has seen in the last number of years2016-05-19T13:39:00Z67521855-db52-4848-a8a3-fc434775cf5a for Overseas Canadians Purchasing PropertyWith the Canadian dollar at a discount, it is an opportune time for people working abroad to purchase property in Canada. Location Is ...2016-02-03T17:01:00Z8eb66019-77a3-4a67-b88d-62466fca2b43 Staging for an Easy SaleSuccessful Staging for an Easy Sale It goes without saying that any seller wants their house to sell fast and at top dollar. In order ...2016-01-07T16:54:00Z95645fc2-f72f-408f-bb88-4b1741ec98da Your Home to SellPricing your Home to Sell Deciding that you want to sell your house might be an easy decision, but setting a good price point to encou ...2015-10-05T16:44:00Z992b385e-c17c-4f32-a560-768e483e8877 Ronni FingoldWith 30 years of success and counting and 15 total brokerages in the GTA and surrounding area, Forest Hill Real Estate has grown exponentially s ...2015-08-17T16:35:00Z8290451b-889c-4b9e-9b2b-bb757eab82b6 With The Old, In With The NewYorkville has evolved tremendously over the years from a village into a gritty bohemian cultural enclave, then into a chic shopping destination, ...2015-07-29T16:32:00Z595c6cf3-286a-4b24-93f2-f1e9a8927824 Listing! 320 Forman AveA charming semi that is both centrally located and affordable! 320 Forman Ave maintains character and quality, with original elements combined w ...2015-07-20T16:26:00Zd4ab991d-9211-41fc-88ad-c67a28f597e3 Forest Hill New Developments!Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. is pleased to announce the creation of a new Branch Office, Forest Hill New Developments (FHND) managed by Catherin ...2015-06-04T16:03:00Z