In 1985, Ronni Fingold, Founder of Forest Hill Real Estate, has prolifically grown into one of GTA’s most luxurious real estate companies. With 33 years of success and a total of 46 brokerages within the GTA and surrounding areas, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. has continued to exemplify the true meaning of real estate.

What started off as an interest in interior design quickly propelled into a career in real estate. Being involved in home renovation projects introduced Ronni to the world of real estate where she realized the tremendous success potential of real estate agents. She then quickly decided that real estate was her ambition.

Ronni identified her niche in the industry early on, recognizing the need for a luxury boutique brokerage in the Forest Hill area. With merely a vision to create a small boutique office to service the local people in Forest Hill, Ronni founded Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. only one year after becoming an agent. With no initial plans of expanding, Ronni focused on finding the right space for her small company, started slowly and was eager to see where the company could go.

Despite having 46 branches

throughout Canada, in her eyes Forest Hill is still the small boutique company she started. For 33 successful years Forest Hill has remained true to its core principles while adapting its practices to stay on the cutting edge of the real estate industry.