Buy first, then sell? Or vice versa?

11 July 2016
Forest HIll

You are now in the grips of looking for a new home for any number of reasons. You have been transferred, you are expecting your first child or you are blending new families together.

Pre-construction condos: Should you use a realtor?

04 July 2016
Forest HIll

The answer for this is a definite YES. Toronto realtor Matt Smith, who specializes in helping buyers navigate through the complicated process of buying new condos, has shared with me the many pitfalls and disadvantages of buyers going it alone when dealing with the builders’ sales staff.

Do you need a home inspection when you buy a condo?

01 June 2016
Forest HIll

We all think buying a condominium will make our lives a lot easier and more convenient, right? No driveways to shovel; no leaking roofs; no broken furnaces or HVAC’s in the summer heat. But believe me, things go wrong with condos, too, which is why I have advised on countless occasions that condo buyers get what potential home owners almost always get: a professional inspector.

BNN Interview with Catherine Himelfarb Borden

19 May 2016
Forest HIll

Catherine Himelfarb Borden of Forest Hill Real Estate talks about the growth in foreign investor interest that her family-owned firm has seen in the last number of years

Tips for Overseas Canadians Purchasing Property

03 February 2016
Forest HIll

With the Canadian dollar at a discount, it is an opportune time for people working abroad to purchase property in Canada. Location Is ...

Successful Staging for an Easy Sale

07 January 2016
Forest HIll

Successful Staging for an Easy Sale It goes without saying that any seller wants their house to sell fast and at top dollar. In order ...

  Home  Staging

Pricing Your Home to Sell

05 October 2015
Forest HIll

Pricing your Home to Sell Deciding that you want to sell your house might be an easy decision, but setting a good price point to encou ...

  Homes  Price  sell

Interview: Ronni Fingold

17 August 2015
Forest HIll

With 30 years of success and counting and 15 total brokerages in the GTA and surrounding area, Forest Hill Real Estate has grown exponentially s ...

Out With The Old, In With The New

29 July 2015
Forest HIll

Yorkville has evolved tremendously over the years from a village into a gritty bohemian cultural enclave, then into a chic shopping destination, ...

Featured Listing! 320 Forman Ave

20 July 2015
Forest HIll

A charming semi that is both centrally located and affordable! 320 Forman Ave maintains character and quality, with original elements combined w ...