How To Get Buyers To Fall In Love With Your Home This Autumn

24 September 2018
Forest HIll

They say fall carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons, so it stands to reason that the market is buzzing with new listings as buyers and sellers seek to realize their real estate goals before the first dusting of snow. Our Forest Hill Yorkville Realtors have been working feverishly to ensure all clients achieve success in the coming weeks, as they seek to make their next move in various pockets of Toronto. From the balmy Beach to eclectic Leslieville and the luxurious historic neighbourhood of Yorkville, fall’s glorious gains are being staked faster than you can say pumpkin spice latte. If you are planning to sell your home this season and host an open house, here are a few tips from our team at Forest Hill Yorkville on how to get buyers to fall for your home this autumn.

  1. Style Your Front Door

First impressions never get a second chance. As Realtors and buyers walk up to your doorstep they are already formulating an opinion and expectation of your home. An emotional connection can be made this early in the showing process. Seize this opportunity and dress your front door to impress even the most discerning buyer. Fall planters and wreaths are an easy way to celebrate the season and add a splash of colour to your front entry. Decorative gourds and corn husks offer a rustic, elegant look. Be sure to maintain your front entry area, rake leaves and weed flower beds as needed.

  1. Make Your Home Feel Warm and Welcoming

Amp up the cozy factor in your home – autumn evokes cravings for comfort, warmth and relaxation. Accessorize your décor with textured accents like faux fur throws and chunky knit toss cushions. Add hits of red, orange and golden yellow with seasonal floral arrangements. As the days get shorter, lighting becomes critical. Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights. If you have a fireplace, keep a glowing fire going throughout the duration of your open house. Add a seasonal scented candle on the mantel or a tray of cinnamon sticks dotted with cloves to stimulate the senses. If you are up for it, set out freshly baked pumpkin cupcakes and simmer hot apple cider or hot chocolate on the stove – luxury is in the details!

  1. Clean Your Yard, Showcase Fall Colours in Your Landscaping & Boost Your Outdoor Lighting

One of the main places where homeowners drop the ball is forgetting to clean their yard. Be sure to keep on top of your raking – a tidy lawn shows potential buyers that the home is cared for inside and out. Clean all gutters, trim bushes and tree limbs and cut away any summer vines and dead flowers. Incorporate hardy autumn flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds in pots and flower beds. To ensure potential buyers can view your manicured and well maintained exterior, be mindful of your outdoor lighting and add accent lighting if needed. A well-lit backyard creates a dramatic backdrop and serves as a reminder of your home’s extended living space in warmer months.

Our team of realtors at Forest Hill Yorkville are happy to help you navigate the fall market! Our experience in the competitive Toronto market, strategies for success in buying and selling real estate and attention to detail, ensure you will get the results you seek to achieve. Call Forest Hill Yorkville toll free at 1-844-228-5588, email us at or drop by our office at 28A Hazelton and we’ll be happy to get you started!