How To Get Landlords To Notice You & Score Your Dream Apartment In Toronto

27 February 2018
Forest HIll

How To Get Landlords To Notice You & Score Your Dream Apartment In Toronto

According to our Forest Hill Yorkville realtors, renting an apartment, home or luxury condominium in Toronto is so fiercely competitive that perspective tenants must now aggressively and proactively market themselves to landlords. Some interesting stories have emerged in our city, some of which entail some unusually creative and offbeat tactics by tenants in their mission to land a lease. Toronto resident Huy Do recently made headlines when he decided to create a mock movie poster called The Hunt for an Apartment which highlighted his strengths as a tenant and wish list for his ideal apartment.


Within hours of posting the poster on social media and a handful of free online sites, he received his first response from a potential landlord in downtown Toronto. While not everyone may have the skills or hutzpah to feature themselves in their own fictional movie poster, there are some effective tips to keep in mind to win over a perspective landlord, be it in Yorkville, Cabbagetown, Riverdale, the Beaches or Yonge and Bloor. Considering the luxury market in Toronto has grown to encapsulate the rental market, our Forest Hill Yorkville team has found that that these strategies are especially critical to the success of landing a luxury condominium lease in Yorkville and other up-scale Toronto neighborhoods.


  1. Be Prepared: Arrive to the viewing fully prepared to allow your realtor to submit a rental application. If it is a high demand building your agent should be able to act swiftly on your behalf. Being organized in advance of the viewing can give you a significant advantage in securing the rental. Having letters of employment, your credit score and at least one landlord reference ready for your realtor to submit is key to showing you are serious about moving along the application process. If parking is part of the rental agreement, be sure to have your vehicle’s model, year and license plate number on hand. Cover all your bases by supplying your realtor with a personal letter of reference and a short bio outlining why you are best suited for rent the unit. If you are homing in on a luxury condominium in Toronto, you must consider that many landlords purchased their property as a long-term investment and want to ensure their tenant is qualified and responsible. Using a Forest Hill Yorkville real estate sales representative to guide you through this process will help to ensure all these details are covered and that you have a comprehensive and professional offer to lease.
  1. Be Realistic: It is very frustrating to have champagne taste and a beer budget when it comes to housing in Toronto. Stick to the housing options that fall within your budget. A landlord’s main concern will be if you are able to pay rent. Take the time to do the math and know the maximum rent you and you co-applicants can afford so you can communicate that to your realtor. Prepare a list of your desired areas for your realtor. There are significant differences in rental rates within the various areas of Toronto. Be equipped with the right questions for your realtor to ask a landlord if you are concerned that any additional expenses might affect your ability to afford the rental. If you are very serious about an apartment, be prepared to supply your realtor with a credit report and rental application prior to your first viewing.


  1. Dress For Success: Good grooming is always a good idea, especially when you are aiming to brand yourself as the “dream tenant.” A realtor always shows up dressed to impress and by placing extra care on your appearance you can make a very positive, lasting first impression as a team. You don’t have to go overboard and wear a suit and tie but avoid being overly casual. Ditch the sweats and opt for a freshly laundered pair of jeans.


  1. Show Up On Time: Just as you would with a job interview, arrive on time or a few minutes early for your showing. Being punctual when you meet with your realtor will only benefit your overall timing as showings for a property are often booked back-to-back. Being late may result in losing your allotted time and possibly losing out on the rental. If you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting always call your relator in advance. Being organized and respectful of the other party’s time can only work in your favor.


  1. Control Your Viewing Group: Your viewing group should consist of everyone who will be renting and no one else. If you are using a guarantor, it is a good idea to have them attend the viewing and meet the landlord. If you have kids do not leave them unsupervised during the viewing. Ideally you should have an adult dedicated to watching the kids on-site during the viewing process. Let your realtor know who will be joining the viewing group so that they know who to expect at the showing. 


  1. Be Upfront About Pets: Hiding your pet is not the way you want to begin your tenancy. Being honest about your pet (or pets) from the get-go not only avoids future conflict but is a great reflection of your character. You can even suggest that your realtor let your perspective landlord know that they can meet your pet if that would put them at ease. You can go one step further and supply your realtor with photos of your pet(s) and up-to-date veterinary records.


  1. Offer Something Special: To sweeten the deal, offer something additional that will set your application apart from your competitors. Speak to your relator about what you may be willing to do above and beyond standard expectations and responsibilities. If you are looking for a long-term rental offer a longer lease. If you have a green thumb and enjoy gardening, offer to take on yard work. Other add-ons could include offering to be responsible for snow removal and minor property maintenance. A landlord always appreciates a tenant who treats their property as if it were their own.

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